My Colourpop Holiday Collection Purchase

Hey Everybody, So, One of my favorite brands right now is Colourpop Cosmetics. If you’re Living under a rock and don’t know who they are, Colourpop Cosmetics sells amazing Matte Lippies, Eyeshadows, Hi-Lighters, and other cosmetics for the low. 90% of the products are between $5-$6 each. CLICK HERE to check them out. Their latest […]

Ending the year

Well of course it’s new years eve and most people are probably saying or thinking “where did this year go?” at the end of the day that doesn’t even matter. Some people make new years resolution, some go out and party. I personally don’t make new years resolutions and I go to church for new […]

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New years Eve everyone. Today is a day people usually reflect on the year as a whole. So, did you accomplish anything this year? What about yourself would you do different? Well, instead of making a new years resolution, start now. Begin changing today. I’ve never understood why people wait until the new year […]