Braids Hurt Sometimes

Hi good people! Just taking a second to share my thoughts about somethings alot of people dont know. the one thing that i am shocked alot of people dont know is that if you are not a perso.n like me who has your hair braided on a regular basis then when you do get them […]

What is Beautiful

Hello beautiful people. It;s me again i havent been in the mood to blog in a few days with work and everything going on even though i told myself i was going to try to blog everyday. for years my mom and people i know have been trying to find an eyeshadow pallett just like […]


Hi everybody thank you for checking out my blog. So yesterday i told you all about 2 of my eyeshadow palletts. one i’ve had for a while that i got from cvs and the other i just got from family dollar. I am a firm believer that any makeup can do good if put in […]

Quick Haul

Hi everybody its me again, I just wanted to tell everyone about a great deal i got on some makeup palletts(i hope i spelled that ok, so i went to family dollar just to see what they have and anybody who knows me knows i love eyeshadow. So im going near the drinks to […]

First blog

Hey everybody and thank you for checking out my blog. I started this blog to give my opinion as well as learn from others in the field of fashion and beauty. So the first thing i want to talk about is skin care. I have eczema and it is hard finding something to help keep […]