New Years week Haul

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everybody! I hope you all were as blessed as i was coming into the new year. Ok so im addicted to walmart and what does my friend get me for christmas. a 30 dollar walmart gift card. So im already excited but hten i go to walmart and what do i […]

Happy New Years everybody

Hey beautiful people! I pray all is well. So, Today all i could think of is how bad i suck at doing my own eyebrows and i cant find one on youtube i like so i guess im going to have to pay to get them done.( if anyone knows of a good tutorial on […]

Happy holidays

Hi everybody. Comin again to tell you about the deals i find on beauty products. So i had to work the day after christmas and right by my job is a walgreens. i stopped in and what did i see, all their holiday makeup kits and sets 50 percent off. I had to control myself […]

Braids Hurt Sometimes

Hi good people! Just taking a second to share my thoughts about somethings alot of people dont know. the one thing that i am shocked alot of people dont know is that if you are not a perso.n like me who has your hair braided on a regular basis then when you do get them […]

What is Beautiful

Hello beautiful people. It;s me again i havent been in the mood to blog in a few days with work and everything going on even though i told myself i was going to try to blog everyday. for years my mom and people i know have been trying to find an eyeshadow pallett just like […]