A Quick Thank You

I Just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who views my Blog on a regular basis and all the kind comments and emails i have received.I have had this blog for about 1 month and i have had over 100 people read my blog. The last time i had a blog almost […]

Has anyone ever noticed that when people are in love or even just in Strong Like they tend to look better? Anyways for alot of people, this week is back to school week. lucky for me i still have 2 weeks. But anyways, I wonder what the trend is going to be for this year!My […]

the countdown

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people♥Why are you so stupid♥♥Man i love kissing you♥♥Could you please stop talking already♥♥it dont take all that♥♥please dont get mad cause i sing better than you♥♥I still dont like you♥♥i think you’re beautiful♥♥Thats what you think&hearst;♥yes it’s 10 dollars thats what the sign say’s […]

New Years week Haul

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everybody! I hope you all were as blessed as i was coming into the new year. Ok so im addicted to walmart and what does my friend get me for christmas. a 30 dollar walmart gift card. So im already excited but hten i go to walmart and what do i […]

Happy New Years everybody

Hey beautiful people! I pray all is well. So, Today all i could think of is how bad i suck at doing my own eyebrows and i cant find one on youtube i like so i guess im going to have to pay to get them done.( if anyone knows of a good tutorial on […]