2017 Vision Board

2016 was a very interesting year. From dating, to Starting Grad School. One think I will say is I accomplished some of the things on my 2016 vision board. 2017, I hope, will be epic in the fact that I plan on Doing everything on my vision board. What is a Vision board? A Vision […]

Giveaway Time

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My Colourpop Holiday Collection Purchase

Hey Everybody, So, One of my favorite brands right now is Colourpop Cosmetics. If you’re Living under a rock and don’t know who they are, Colourpop Cosmetics sells amazing Matte Lippies, Eyeshadows, Hi-Lighters, and other cosmetics for the low. 90% of the products are between $5-$6 each. CLICK HERE to check them out. Their latest […]

Why a No Makeup Challenge is Needed 1

Let me just start this post by saying I LOVE MAKEUP!!! I love playing with Lipsticks, and Eyeshadows, And Highlighters. I mean I even created a space in my tiny little room for a Makeup Desk.  For some strange reason pictures of Alicia Keys without makeup have caused a bit of unrest with many who wear makeup […]

What to wear to Church 1

I seriously hate the fact that some people don’t go to church because they have “nothing to wear”. Of course many of us who grew up going to church know this doesn’t matter, but what have we done to make people feel like it does. I think it’s every time we laugh at what someone […]