One of the ugliest words in the english language. The worst part about being an adult. The one thing most people struggle to do and understand PAYING BILLS But it is something we all have to do. Bills are apart of the fabric of society. Surprisingly enough, Many people don’t know how or why they […]

Get a Job 101

Uh oh, No more allowance from the parentals. No more having someone else pay your phone bill. Now it’s time to get your first JOB. Getting your first job can be an exciting new adventure. It can also be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. My first job was at Taco Bell when […]

The Basics!!!!

It surprises my the things people don’t know. I remember as a child, even at 4 and 5, Knowing my name, my moms name, my address, and my phone number. Thats why it bugs me when I’m talking to adults and they don’t know the basics. Below I have compiled a list of things Every […]

Almost 31

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