My 30 Before 30 2

On February 25th I turned 29 which means i’m currently in my last year of being in my 20’s. to say most of my 20’s have been a struggle would be an understatement. This time in my life has been a total emotional roller-coaster. I’ve been taken advantage of, placed in dangerous situations, fired, told […]

Spiritual Manipulators 1

  It has really been on me to write this post for a while. I’ve been holding off writing this one in particular because before now I’ve had the strong urge to call people out and be messy. Lucky for me I had Jesus whispering in my ear keeping my messy side at bay. This […]

What are you Talking About

Ephesians 4:29 Don’t let any unwholesome talks come out of your mouth but only that which is helpful for the lifting up of other according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen We do a lot of talking throughout life. We talk to people, we talk with people, and we talk about […]