About Me

Name: LaJune Willis          IMG_1600[1]
Age: 31
Occupation: Customer Service

Interesting fact About me: I don’t really celebrate Holidays

Why I started Blogging

I started Blogging when I lost my job a few years back. Partially to constantly exercise my writing muscle and partially because I was bored. When I started the blog it was just something to do. As time went on it became an outlet. Then when I started to get more into fashion I decided to make that the focus of my blog. When I started “Fashion Blogging” I noticed that there weren’t many blogs that talked about how to dress modestly that displayed anything people in my age group would wear so I decided to turn my blog into a Fashion and Faith Blog.

Where did I get the name from

Blessed and Highly Fashionable is a play on words. I was inspired by The Clark Sisters song “Blessed and Highly Favored”


Who are my Favorite Bloggers

At the moment my favorite blogger are Gabi Fresh, Mia Ray, and Hiaddie.


What am I doing when I’m not blogging

When I’m not blogging I am doing just about everything…Church, Singing, hair, Couponing, Thrifting, Working, Sleeping, Decorating my room, Going to the movies, Eating…..


Where are my favorite places to shop

I love Forever 21, Simply fashions (sometimes), Rainbow (sometimes), Value world, salvation army, eBay, ASOS,


Who is my favorite person in the entire world

YOU!!!!! For taking the time to read about lil ole me. You’re so sweet. Now you go on and have you a blessed day now ya hear