Breaking up with Your Bestfriend :-(

Proverbs 18:24

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


Sometimes doing for someone does not help them. I recently had the thought that I would allow someone to keep the money I loaned them. I asked the person did they know when or if they would be able to pay it back. Before I could say forget it the money was in my account. There are a few lessons to be learned in this situation; 1. Shut up sometimes, it will get you far. 2. God did not call us to be everything to everybody. It’s okay to say no, to not be the one they always depend on. We sometimes create a sense of entitlement in people by always saying yes, by doing things the way others want, and not holding them responsible. I have been guilty of this more times than I can count and at this time in my life all I can say is whatever. Looking back I think insecurity caused me to be this person. The feeling of having to keep certain friends even if they didn’t treat you as well as they should. Even if your feelings tend to not matter in the friendship.  People will try to make you feel bad to mask the fact that they know they should do better but don’t. This is when the real test begins. Do you give in and make them feel better, or do you stand your ground not allowing someone to manipulate your emotions.Even now I had to check my emotions cause to be honest it’s hard leaving a friendship of 10 years. The emotional part of me wants to make the call and take the blame for everything just so I can have that friendship. That would be so unfair to the people who are actually there and being real friends. Don’t get me wrong, if you can resolve it and can be confident that the friendship will be equal in respect, then by all means work it out. But if you get to a point where it gets one sided with no hope of change then I would suggest moving on. I celebrated my 32nd birthday this weekend(2/25) and I woke up Sunday morning doing a lot of reflecting. One thing I remember being told is that the people you allow in your space reflect how you see yourself and what you deserve. So, The question I asked myself, and you should ask yourself, is Do you truly like your reflection? Does your circle reflect and bring out the best parts of you, or does it make you insecure or angry? Is there a give and take or do you find yourself carrying the friendship?

Since letting the above mentioned friendship go I have found so much clarity and understanding about some of the decisions I make, who i’m around, and what type of people are allowed in my space. It’s amazing how with clarity from God a situation that can be looked at as something bad can be seen as something good. Lets try to look at all “undesirable” occurrences like this. I thank God for no longer feeling like I have to accept piss poor behavior from someone.


How do you get rid of toxic people?

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