I’m Divorcing the nail shop

 Hey, Now anyone who knows me knows at least 2 things about me. 

  • I like to save coin

  • I like to DIY

So when a product combines those 2 things I get excited.


So recently I decided I no longer wanted to go to the nail shop and get my nails done. Really I am looking to save money anyway I can. As much as I like my bi-weekly full set, after doing the math I realized I was blowing about $700 a year on my nails alone. So after my last set of nails I got done I took them off and said I was done. But it made me sad. I like the feel of false nails. plus I like being able to aggressively scrub my scalp without worrying about breaking a nail. I had a thought to just suck it up and save money some other way but Jesus stepped right on in and said “i got you, go to ulta’s website”. Don’t be jealous but Jesus helps me find deals.   We bargain shop together all the time…

 When I say they came through with this one right here. This has to be the easiest way to get a set of false nails. If you can polish your nails, you can do this. I got this Red Carpet Color dip nail system from Ulta for $35. It comes with the natural color powder, the base, activator, and top coat, a buffer/file, foil sheets to soak the nails off, brush restorer, along with extra brushes for when the originals get hard or worn out. The steps are Super simple

  • lightly buff the natural nail
  • apply thin layer of base coat
  • dip finger in powder
  • repeat
  • then apply activator and base to seal

After that all you have to do is smooth the nail out and you’re done.



Whats even better is the powders come in multiple colors. Like right now on my nails I have some U2 dipping powder I found on ebay. The colors I have are Rudy and Midnight Blue. Unfortunately since i’m not ambidextrous one hand looks better than the other. I attribute that to me rushing to get done so i can go to church. To be honest this only took about 20 minutes.

Whats even better is the powder I got from ebay was only $5 each before shipping and I could use the stuff I got with the starter pack I bought. So, With spending $35 for the starter pack and $30 for the six colors I bought, thats $65 for over a years worth of product versus spending $700 a year to keep my nails up. Clearly you don’t have to be a mathematician to see that it’s more than worth it.




You don’t understand how excited I was to do my nails. So far i’m 5 days in with this current set and I love just looking at them. Of course, i’ll probably end up buying all the colors I can find and I suggest you do too before it gets too popular and the prices go up. If you need any more convincing just go to youtube and search Dip Powder. What some people can do with this stuff is amazing and I aspire to one day be on their level.








So what do you think?

Is it worth the purchase or is the convenience of someone else doing it worth the money?

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Peace, Love, and Chicken Wings 🙂


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