Why I believe Chrisette Michele is owed an apology…

Proverbs 24:11-12 ESV / 

Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work?



So you probably know this post is going to Reference the now INFAMOUS Gospel performance with Chrisette Michele and Travis Greene. Looking at all the reports and outraged people you could easily be led to believe Chrisette was up there by herself singing her own music. While I do believe it was not a good look for her to accept the invitation to perform at the event, I do respect that she made a choice, stated why she made that choice, and owned up to it. Many people felt disrespected and have stopped supporting her as an artist. If you make that choice thats okay, I personally will continue to support music I like. It’s funny to me how people will still support an artist who is known for sleeping with under aged girls, movie executives who sexually harass actors and actresses but someone who tried to be a voice in the room was dragged for filth by almost every black news outlet. But to be honest I think the biggest travesty is that in the midst of all of the backlash Travis Greene has said Not 1 single word in her defense.


While I understand he has receive “some” backlash, it has been nothing compared to what she has experienced. I honestly expected to hear him say something seeing that not only is he a gospel artist but doesn’t he preside over a church with his wife. As the body of christ one of the things we are called to do is defend someone when they are in trouble. I feel like he has watched it all happened and was just happy it wasn’t him. Dare I say this kind of reminds me of the superbowl incident with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson (look up superbowl halftime 2004). He accidentally pulled out her boob and Janet took all the backlash. Justin never said anything and just went about his business. Sounds similar to whats happening now doesn’t it. As women we seem to carry a lot of the burdens in life. Then when we make a bad decision, all of the good we have ever done is forgotten and we are remembered as the spawn of satan or something.


I do believe as long as she herself stops talking about it eventually her career will get back on track. Or maybe she won’t. Maybe the fickleness of celebrity will be too much ( i can’t imagine having to consider millions of people I don’t know every time I make a decision). Either way i’m pulling for her because she is a great artist who has made some great music.


You by now probably want me to address the title of the post now, right? Okay.

I personally believe Travis Greene and every other black performer, and black staff member of the trump administration owes Chrisette Michele an apology.Every celebrity that has had “meetings” and “conversations” with the man owe her an apology. Why? Because they sat by and watched this woman receive a public dragging and said nothing. Many even joined in the public ridicule. While I don’t believe it would have helped her career, I do believe it would have helped her spirits. Sometimes all we need is someone to stand with us and say I disagree with what you did, but i’m here for you. I am especially disappointed to still not here Travis Greene say ANYTHING. I guess having a career and having character don’t go hand in hand.


What are your thoughts on this topic?

Do you believe she deserves to receive all the backlash by herself?

Leave a comment on how you feel about the whole thing .


Peace, Love, and Blessings


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