So Rihanna just take all my money

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So, as you should have already heard by now Fenty Beauty has launched. Fenty beauty is a line created by Rihanna and is sold exclusively at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, and at

The line includes 40 different foundation shades, about 20 different concealer sticks or match stix as she calls them, and nice range of multi use highlighters that either come in stick or powder form.



To be honest I was unsure if I would even buy anything from the line but after a few youtube video’s I was definitely going to get some

I’ve only brought 3 items but one of them is a trio so i’m not sure if that would count as 3 items or 5 but whatever.The items I got were:

  • $34-The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation (410)

I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. Lets just give a hand clap for there being 40 different shades. I’m just saying 40, not 14, but 40 different shades right out the gate. Now to be honest my

exact shade right now would actually be 420 but because they were out and I heard it dries down I decided to buy 410. Thankfully it did still work. It definitely dries to a soft matte and does not need a powder especially if you’re like me and have dry skin. It looks Just like skin. I love that it’s a medium to full coverage foundation that does not give you that cakey look. I legit Had to convince myself to wash the makeup off.

( yes I did eventually wash it off) In the picture shown I did no color correcting and I forgot to put on my moisturizing primer


  • $54- Match Stix Trio in deep 400

The Match Stix trios come in 4 different sets( at Sephora): Light 100, Medium 200, Tan 300, and Deep 400. Each trio comes with a concealer, a contour shade and a highlighter. I got Deep 400 which came with Suede(concealer), Expresso(contour), and Sinamon(highlight). I almost wish I would have gotten the trio fron the fenty beauty website cause there you can customize the trio. For my complexion right now suede is a really super subtle highlight. I would need to bake with a powder to get a more extreme under eye color. It blends very well though. It took almost no effort for me to blend the concealer. The same with the contour. Expresso is this beautiful cool toned contour that I have been searching for. It’s glides on super easy and blends like a dream come true just like the concealer. Sinamon in person is a very pink rose gold type of color which I love. It goes on creamy and is very build able. Another product that would make a great eye color.


  • $34-Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule

This duo Has 2 different highlighters. One is an everyday subtle highlight(ginger binge-left) and the other is a more in you face highlight(moscow mule-right) These are very rosey copper type colors and again blend in beautifully. I would say for me because i’m extra I would probably use Ginger Binge as a blush and highlight with Moscow Mule. These are also beautiful for a simple eye look




My Overall Opinion:

Coming out the gate Rihanna came RIGHT. I still cant get over how there are 40 shades of foundation. With all these companies who have been out forever doing 10-12 shades, This launch definitely shows that being all inclusive when it comes to foundation can be done if the work is put in. This is definitely an every day wear collection. While all the products are great, They are not intimidating or over the top. I was pleasantly surprised ┬áto see the price point. I honestly thought everything was going to be about $20 or so more. I will say that I wish I could have customized the Trio in store but you can at the Fenty Beauty website and they offer free returns. I’ll probably be making another purchase since there are some products I regret not getting (…ie trophy wife). I almost want to say, you know what I will say this is a must have for any makeup wearer. Even if you just get the foundation make sure this is in your collection. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Job well done


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*The products mentioned in the above post were purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated with Fenty beauty and this is not a sponsored post

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