How to get Eyeshadow and Cosmetic glitter for the LOW

My name is LaJune,

and i’m addicted to EYESHADOW


Okay, so it’s not so much an addiction but a STRONG appreciation for eye makeup. Problem is I’m cheap and my money isn’t as long as i’d like so i cant go to Sephora or Ulta and but all the Urban Decay or Too Faced palettes my heart desires. Lucky for me i’m not stuck on labels. 

So, I was searching Youtube one day to see if anyone found any good cosmetic grade glitter real cheap and GIRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLL, When I say I hit the JACKPOT!!!!!! I came across a lot of videos for a site called Super Glitters also known as Glitter my World or Bulk Glitters. All of the glitters range between$1 and $1.25 for individual sizes. The only problem I had, which I don’t consider a problem, is that opening them is kind of messy because they are OVERFILLED. For $1-$1.25 I definitely appreciate them being filled to the brim. I bought 10 glitters(marked G) but only pressed 4 so far. They mix super easy and Shipping was really fast. I don’t remember how much shipping cost but it was no more than $5. They only take so many orders a day so if you do want to order some make sure you go to the site as early as possible.

Being the youtube watcher that I am

(I watch youtube more than regular TV, don’t judge me :-D)  

I said, Hey if I can find glitter that cheap I wonder what other makeup I can find? So I continued to watch videos and I hit the jackpot. I found 2 sites with individual shadows for $3-$6 that are actually really good quality:

Morphe (marked  “m”):

I used to always hear about their brushes and palettes to where I didn’t even know they sold single shadows but yes, they have single shadows. At $2.29 each it’s a steal. I only got 6 of the shadows because I wan’t sure how i’d like them. The do have decent pigment but if you want your shadow to really pop just use water or some a fix+ type of product to wet your brush.

Coastal Scents (marked “cs”):

I LOOOOOOOOOVVVE me a good sale and when I got word they had single shadows for only .99¢ (normally $1.98 each) I ran for my life and bought 15 of them. I was so Pleasantly surprised on how good these shadows were. 

Eyes by Coastal Scents and lips by Colorpop featuring Mac

I went to see XSCAPE on July 3rd  and my eye makeup came through like a champ. They blended like butter . I don’t know if their just that good or have I finally mastered eyeshadow but either way I’m happy. Even at their regular price they’re impressive. 

Colourpop (marked “cp”):

Not so Recently Colourpop added pressed powder shadows to their site. Normally they are only $5 but many times you can find them on the site for $4. Because i’ve bought so much eyeshadow lately I ony bought 3 of these. The ones I got has decent pigmentation. They’re not as impressive as the Super Shock Shadows but when you put them together it makes for the perfect pair of “how am I gonna get this off my face” eyeshadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (marked a): 

Okay so these aren’t the most inexpensive at $12 each but I went to Ulta and they had a bowl of them 50% off. Of course I missed most of the good colors but I was able to find some good neutrals to add to my collection :-). Moral of the story? It’s always on sale somewhere.

I have been wanting to try some of the Karity Eyeshadows but I need to first find somewhere to put them (makeup hoarders anonymous is that you?). If anyone has tried them please leave a comment below. Were they worth the money? How was the shipping and Customer Service?


What are some other inexpensive eyeshadows you like?

Let me know in the comments below

Peace Love and Blessings



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