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One of the ugliest words in the english language.

The worst part about being an adult.

The one thing most people struggle to do and understand


But it is something we all have to do. Bills are apart of the fabric of society. Surprisingly enough, Many people don’t know how or why they pay bills. This post will give you tips on successfully paying bills no matter what your bank account looks like


99.9% of the time this is how bill collectors communicate with their customers. Contrary to popular belief, most companies do not have the time, money, or man power to constantly call their customers about changes in service or issues with payments among other things. Whether you get your bills electronically or through snail mail, your bill is still your first line of communication.


Bills typically will have the following info:

  • The last payment made
  • a breakdown of current charges
  • your new bill amount
  • your due date

Depending on what type of bill it is there may be more or fewer items but these are the basic things you want to look at. Many of the calls we make to our bill collectors can be avoided if we read the bill. This post may seem a little biased because I work in a call center where people call about their bills but I can honestly tell you that 50% of all the calls I get are not necessary. I spend a lot of time pulling up bills and reading them to people. While I don’t mind this at all, how many people actually want to talk to a bill collector? I don’t and I do everything in my power to avoid them.

Communicate your concerns/needs

If you have an issue with the bill don’t assume the company you are paying the bill to knows your concern. Assuming a problem will correct itself does not insure it gets corrected. Along with this if you are unable to pay that bill by the due date LET THEM KNOW. As we  all know bill collectors love adding those late payment charges but as I have learned in the past few years, There are ways to avoid those fees like:

  • call close to your due date and ask for a hold/extension
  • Find out if your payment has a grace period
  • don’t use 3rd party payment places
  • payment plans

I’ve had to pay bills late in the past and while it’s frustrating it is something that happens. Last time I had to pay a bill late I called the company to let them know not only did they waive the fee but because I usually pay on time every month I got some additional money off my bill 🙂

Some companies take the initiative to offer GRACE PERIODS. This is the time between your due date and the day the company considers your payment LATE . This can be anywhere between 1 and 7 days typically. If you know of a company that has a longer grace period than that give them a hi-5.

While it is not a big problem to pay at a 3rd party vendor, I will say you may want to only do this as a last resort. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot pay extra money to have your payment sent the same day. 3rd party payment places have been telling this lie for years. What are they doing that would be so different than sending your payment the regular way? NOTHING. I know many people don’t have internet or a bank account so they do a lot with cash. I would say if you are one of these people try getting a prepaid card. That way you can load the funds to it and pay the company directly as long as they offer that service. If you must pay with a 3rd party vendor please call the company you are paying first to make sure they are an authorized pay station. If not you run the risk of that bill not getting paid which causes an all new set of issues.

But what if you not only need to pay late but you can’t pay the entire bill? Thats where payment plans come in to play. Payment plans typically take a larger balance and breaks it down to smaller more manageable payments. payment plans usually have strict rules but they do help if followed through.


Pay your Bills

As  obvious as this should be some people still have to hear it. Bills for the most part can’t be avoided.  This part of life can be really overwhelming but one thing to remember there is always help.


This only scratches the surface of successfully paying bills.

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I pray this post is helped you and stay tuned because the next post is going to deal with managing money as an adult.

Peace, Love, and Blessings


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