The Basics!!!!

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It surprises my the things people don’t know. I remember as a child, even at 4 and 5, Knowing my name, my moms name, my address, and my phone number. Thats why it bugs me when I’m talking to adults and they don’t know the basics. Below I have compiled a list of things Every person should learn before the age of 21

You need to know:

Your Address– I know this seems obvious but you will be surprised how many people I talk to who don’t know their address


Your Phone Number

We have so much technology these days that memorizing numbers has become a thing of the past. I’ll admit it does take me a second sometimes to remember my phone number but believe I do know it


Your Social Security Number

This is how creditors identify you. You will need this number when you want to do thing like put a utility(light, gas, or water) in your name, get an apartment, buy a house, or get a job. Just to name a few.


Money Management– I’ll be going into greater detail in a future post but yeah. As an adult you should know basic money skills


How to call a business– When you’re on the phone with a customer service rep and they ask for your name, please DO NOT GIVE YOUR NICK NAME or a shortened version of your name. Always give your government name. Suzanne Jones not Sue. FIRST AND LAST NAME PLEASE!!!!. Your address consist of multiple parts. when requested please give the full address not just the house number and street name. Many states have different cities that have addresses that are similar or almost the same. Please do not eat while speaking with someone or use profanity it’s really rude.


How to fill out a job application/ go on an interview– Always take your own pen and have your resume ready when you go to fill out an application. Use your phone to google words if you’re not sure of the spelling. When you turn in an application be interview ready(wear interview attire). PROOF READ YOUR RESUME. When I worked in retail management I remember a young lady who applied for a position at the store I worked. She was energetic knew about fashion but her RESUME had so many typo’s she even spelled the city and state wrong HOW SWAY



This is only the beginning of a long list of things i’ve learned as an adult that I want to share with others. There are so many people who could and would do better if they knew better. Come back next Friday When I’ll go further into Filling out applications/ interviews.

I hope this blessed you

Pleace, love, and blessings


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