2017 Vision Board

2016 was a very interesting year. From dating, to Starting Grad School. One think I will say is I accomplished some of the things on my 2016 vision board. 2017, I hope, will be epic in the fact that I plan on Doing everything on my vision board.

What is a Vision board?

A Vision board is a collection of pictures, words, and phrases placed on a board The board serves as a reminder of the goals you set for yourself for the year.

How to do a Vision Board

There are no rules. Put what you want. As long as it inspires you to  take action in some way.

Why I do a Vision Board:

1.To remind myself of the goals I have for myself. The troubles and stresses in life can many times cause you to forget About the things you said you wanted to achieve. I’m a visual learner so Having something I can look at as a reminder is helpful.

2. I Love Crafting. I like to sit on my home made rug (comment if you want a tutorial) and do my crafting products. It’s my “Happy Place”. The place I can think and gather my thoughts.

Some of the things I want for 2017


  • I want to fall in love
  • I want to make some more friends
  • volunteer
  • get a mentor
  • save money for down payment on house
  • Travel
  • Develop better eating habits
  • Grow my hair out
  • pay off car note

Above is a picture of my vision board. What thing have/will you put on your vision board?


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Peace Love and Blessings


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