My Colourpop Holiday Collection Purchase

Hey Everybody, So, One of my favorite brands right now is Colourpop Cosmetics. If you’re Living under a rock and don’t know who they are, Colourpop Cosmetics sells amazing Matte Lippies, Eyeshadows, Hi-Lighters, and other cosmetics for the low. 90% of the products are between $5-$6 each. CLICK HERE to check them out.

Their latest product offering is their holiday collection titled “NOW PLAYING”.

Check out the video below to see what I got with Swatches of the product.

List of what was in my kit 

Peekaboo: Metallic ivory with silver glitter 

Desert: Satin warm brown 

Thirsty Girl: Metallic bronze with multi-dimensional glitter

Patchwork: Ultra-Glitter turquoise with duo chrome glitters

Fairfax: Matte black brown

Babykins: Metallic burgundy with pink glitter

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Peace, Love, and Blessings


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