Why a No Makeup Challenge is Needed

Let me just start this post by saying I LOVE MAKEUP!!! I love playing with Lipsticks, and Eyeshadows, And Highlighters. I mean I even created a space in my tiny little room for a Makeup Desk. 

Makeup Vanity Diy. Comment below if you want details and pictures on how I created my own Beauty Space
Makeup Vanity Diy. Comment below if you want details and pictures on how I created my own Beauty Space

For some strange reason pictures of Alicia Keys without makeup have caused a bit of unrest with many who wear makeup regularly. Keys Recently posted a campaign #NOMAKEUP, and has recently been doing performances and photo shoots without makeup. To be honest I assumed most women would see this the way I do(big mistake I know). As something empowering, as a way of saying natural is beautiful. Instead many felt like Keys can only do this because she looks so good without makeup. If you believe that fine but let me give you my experience with not wearing makeup regularly:

First Month:

I spent so much time thinking people noticed all my eczema scars. I tended to think people were whispering about my skin and how bad it looked. pent a lot of time looking down if I could. Never knew how much I relayed on makeup until now


Second Month:

This is when the ugly people of the world truly tested me. I was working for a retail clothing store and an older lady came in with her husband. Of course by now I’ve gotten used to not wearing makeup and i’m okay with my bare face. This older lady decided it was a good idea to come up to me and say “young lady, a woman is supposed to always wear makeup.” My initial thought was, well ma’am when you’re as ugly as you are that might be true. But the lord was in my ear telling me to be good. Instead I just educated her on what wearing makeup everyday does to your skin and that the only person that decides what I  am supposed to do with my face is me.


Month 3 and beyond:

Still love buying and wearing makeup but now it’s more of when I feel like it and not everyday. I have more fun with makeup. I feel the freedom to try different looks without worrying what someone may think. I spend many days feeling beautiful with the closest thing to makeup on my face is lip balm.















Reasons a no makeup challenge is needed:

  • Faking perfection should not be the norm
  • Not wearing makeup can be a big self esteem booster
  • Makeup is NOT a necessity
  • You are beautiful Just the way you are scars, flaws, and all

While I enjoy a good Beat Just like the next person, I have to wonder why some women tend to be opposed to not wearing makeup. Why is it that when someone decides to stop trying to look perfect, there seems to be a group of people waiting to make sure you feel bad about it. Why is it wrong for a woman to work on loving the skin she’s in the way it is. I don’t know about any one else but I am for the #NOMAKEUP campaign.


What are your thought on Alicia Keys #NOMAKEUP campaign?

If you regularly wear makeup, will you participate in the campaign>

Comment below

Peace, Love, and Blessings


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