What to wear to Church

I seriously hate the fact that some people don’t go to church because they have “nothing to wear”. Of course many of us who grew up going to church know this doesn’t matter, but what have we done to make people feel like it does. I think it’s every time we laugh at what someone wears. Every time we post about someone wearing ┬ásomething we think looks ridiculous. The moment you start telling people you’re a “Christian” or a “follower of Christ” you are looked at differently. You become a representative of what church is to people who have never been. Some people think this is not fair but I think it’s more than fair. What your church imparts in you is what should be seen in your words and actions. Not to say that people wont say or do something wrong EVER because they go to church. What i’m saying is Being a Christian and going to church is a Huge Blessing with Huge Responsibilities. When I start thinking about it like this I became a nicer person. I started complimenting people more. I started to pray for things like Patience, Understanding, a love for people, instead of praying for money, cars, and clothes. I ┬ábegan to want more for others. My point is, speaking negatively about people is one of the big hindrances of the church. Why would someone go to a place when they think they may come out feeling worse than when they came in.

So to all the people who think they cant go to church because they don’t have the right clothes please know that Jesus loves you whether you have on a turtle neck floor length dress or jeans and a t-shirt.


P.S. That’s a pic of my real closet #nojudgement (i’ll be cleaning that immediately, don’t worry lol)

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