FINALLY, Kierra Sheard Presents Eleven 60

Hey Beautiful People. For Years Kierra Sheard has been teasing us with the fashion. If you remember a few years back she said she was gonna come out with a line called Mamajik. (am I the only person who remembers the black and white polka dot dress???)

Well Finally Gospel Musics favorite Fashionista has launched her own line.



I have yet to see any of the pieces in person since there was only a soft launch on June 20th at the Curvycon in NY.




The full launch is scheduled for the fall/winter 2015 season which i’m thinking will probably be in October. As for the clothes, so far it’s nice for whats been seen so far. the one product that really stands out is the “J TRENCH”. It looks like a trench coat with an attached Hoodie. The collection so far is filled with Figure flaunting dresses and accents like spikes, and colored exposed zippers. You can tell She is in a totally in a different place now then when she talked about doing a clothing line years ago. While it was probably expected for Kierra to do everyday wear, The line seems to have an older, more “date night’ type of look with a few exceptions. Another shocker for Sheard fans is the price point. Prices start at $150 and go up from there so for many owning a piece from this collection is definitely a splurge. If I had to guess I would say the full collection for fall/winter will have more color and more fabrics. I expect to also see more colored zippers and maybe some faux fur. While I’ve always been a fan of Kierra’s fashion choices I’m not sure I can get myself to spend this kind of money. (my money not long YET)

If I had to identify the target market I would say it’s:

  • Plus size career women who regularly have meeting and business to take care of but still want to be cute
  • Many of the pieces, for example like the black satin dress pictured, look like something that would be worn to a church event or even Sunday morning service

To sum it up Eleven 60 is a good into into the fashion community. I do believe that she has alienated a large part of her fan base but I have a feeling that soon enough she will have something for the ladies who’s money isn’t as long!!!


Pieces can be viewed and pre-ordered at

What do you think of Eleven 60 so far?

Any pieces You want in your closet?

Leave your comments below!

Peace, love, and Blessings


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