The Powerful Women Weekend

2015-04-18 13.17.27-12 of the things i’ve been saying for the longest is:

  • I need some new female friends
  •  I need a weekend away to just not be at home





Well of course shortly after thinking this The Powerful Womens Weekend was announced and of course I was not gonna miss one moment. The 2 day event took place April 18th at the Weber hotel in Ann Arbor, Mi.

Photo Courtesy of @thepowerfulwomen Instagram from l to r: Jasmine Dantzler, Britini Brown, Meagan Lyles, Kimberly Brown, Toni Jones



Meagan Lyles and and her all women team put together an amazing event which included:

  • Guest speakers from around the United States
  • Girls Night Out
  • Professional Headshots
  • Brunch
  • A Swag Bag that included 2 devotional books, personalized note cards, a Powerful Women Weekend mug, face and body cream from Everbeauty,(AMAZEBALLS, but that’s another story for another day) along with a host of great other items
  • The opportunity to connect with women from different backgrounds professionally and personally

The weekend started with check in and a continental breakfast. Afterwords there was introductions of all the attendees with speakers following. The speakers spoke on topics such as branding, personal development, and a big underlying theme just about ever speaker spoke on was knowing your WHY.

Why do you do what you do?

 Most of the weekend was a bunch of women getting to know each other, having positive interaction, and getting new ideas and perspectives from one another.I met a lot of women in a lot of different fields. During the weekend we also enjoyed a girls night out, a morning workout with yoga and ended the weekend with brunch that included speaker Natasha from the Go & Glow radio broadcast. What we thought was gonna be a great speaker turned into a party with women telling one of their favorite accomplishments then allowing other women to celebrate them (shout out to DJ XO for having all the perfect songs ready at a moments notice). She raised a great point. So many great women spend a lot of time being humble and lifting up others but never take the time to pat themselves on the back.

At the end of the weekend I really didn’t want to leave. On top of the fact that the bed at the Weber slept soooooooooo good, it’s rare you get to be in a room with over 100 women where you see and feel nothing but positivity.  I definitely recommend you save your coins, and make plans to attend next years weekend festivities. I did not mention this before because I want you all to think about this:

What makes you POWERFUL?

check out more pictures from the weekend on instagram by searching the hashtag #thepowerfulwomenweekend
Click here for details on my looks for THE POWERFUL WOMENS WEEKEND
Peace, Love, and Blessings

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