My 30 Before 30

On February 25th I turned 29 which means i’m currently in my last year of being in my 20’s. to say most of my 20’s have been a struggle would be an understatement. This time in my life has been a total emotional roller-coaster. I’ve been taken advantage of, placed in dangerous situations, fired, told I was incompetent, lied to by the people you last expect to lie to you, “manipulated”, and so many other bad things I wont mention. I’ve also, graduated college, fell in Love, met some other family members, progressed in my work life, done makeup that ended up in Essence Magazine, made a great friend, met other great people, and grew as a person. I had the most random thought on my birthday. While I am not someone who makes excuses for myself I will say that there are many things I let fear keep my from doing……

Which is why this is my


30 Before 30

  1. Record: Even if it’s just 2 or 3 songs. This is one of those things I just feel like I have to do.
  2. Lose Weight: Specifically I want to lose 100 lbs. I’ve lost weight before but never kept it off and never that much.
  3. Take a Vacation: Like really go somewhere, stay in a nice hotel, and enjoy myself without worrying about bills or home life
  4. Be someone’s girlfriend: I love love, sometimes too much but to be honest I really haven’t had a serious, real, long term relationship since I was 21/22
  5. Re-do my entire wardrobe: After soo much weight loss of course i’ll have to get new clothes
  6. Do some public speaking: I’ve always thought my story was my ministry and if it will help someone else I don’t mind sharing
  7. Write a book: I have a few different ideas for a book. The book won’t be long but hopefully it will be a great read.
  8. Make New Friends: Over the years I’ve had different groups of friends but to be totally honest in my area I have 1 friend. All of my other friends are out of state. I also want a group of friends that are doing charity events and making the community better which I’ve never really had.
  9. Do some type of community service, charity event. I’ve been on the receiving end and I’ve always thought it was contribute in helping others
  10. Be Active in church: I never really had an issue with this until the past few years. When I was younger I did so much in church. The last time I volunteered to do anything in a church I saw some of the worst sides of people and I think it kind of made me back away a little.
  11. Attend a festival: preferably music or arts and craft
  12. Get back into speaking Spanish: I used to be really good with my Spanish but I haven’t used it in so long I orgot a lot of it
  13. Go MIA for a week: I just think it would do me some good if I could go away and not deal with anything in my normal life for a week.
  14. Learn how to cook a FULL meal from scratch: I’m a good cook but I want to truly be one of those people who can cook just about anything from scratch
  15. Buy myself something that cost more than what I usually spend on myself: If you read this blog regularly you know that i’m pretty cheap. I do believe though that when you work hard you should sometimes spoil yourself. DONE
  16. Buy a new car or a new home: Still on the fence about which to do first. DONE
  17. Do a BIG CHOP: my hair is not the healthiest so I may be doing this one sooner than later
  18. Explore my family history: There are so many secrets in my family that we really don’t have an honest answer as to what nationality we are or where we come from
  19. See a play on Broadway in New York: I love Plays
  20. Audition for a Broadway play in New York: even if I do horribly I’d really just love to experience it
  21. Read at least 1 chapter of every book in the bible
  22. De-Clutter: unknown fact about me-i’m a hoarder. i’m good at convincing myself i’m gonna use something I never end up using
  23. Do more DIY’s: Cause it’s fun
  24. Let Someone else do my hair: not sure about this one but we’ll see
  25. Actually Decorate/Paint my room: right now it’s this ugly off white shade that goes with NOTHING
  26. Start a book Collection: right now most of my small collection is bibles
  27. Save Money: Gotta plan for the future right 🙂
  28. Get back into Playing my violin
  29. Find some family members:Maybe Maybe not
  30. Throw myself a big DIRTY 30 Celebration


29 Is starting off okay I guess but I plan on making between now and February 25, 2016 the most amazing time ever.


What is/was on your 30 before 30 list. if you are 30+ what lessons have you learned.

Please share below!!


Peace, Love, and Blessings



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