Build a Bridge and GET OVER IT


Many of us spend sooooooo much of our time thinking about what we don’t have and how our lives should be. to be honest its real easy. especially when you are constantly around people who appear to have what you’ve been anting all your life.

To give you a background on why I’m posting this let me give you a little background on myself.

I grew up an only child in a single mother home. The only memory I have of my mom and dad being together is the night my mom got in the car looking for my dad after he left. I think I was 4 at the time. I always watched my mom work and would go to work with her when she worked at restaurants like McDonalds and especially Pizza Hut. I would even fold silverware and pizza boxes for money. around 14 I got my first real Job (which was the same year my mom bought her first home) and have been working almost non-stop in some capacity ever since. By the time I was 17 my mom had lost her job and couldn’t afford the home we were in so after a few weeks of sleeping at different peoples home we finally moved in with my moms friend(thank God for her) in that time my mom went on a few interviews and gave up. She just stop looking and everything we needed was dependent on the small income I was bringing in while going to school full time and still trying to have fun my first year of college. During this time my conversations with my dad were a lot of “when are you going to get your license?” and things that at the time were really not of the highest importance for me at the time. There was never a mention of what I was going through or what I really needed. After living with my moms friend for 4 years we moved into a one bedroom apartment. after being there for a while my dad calls saying if I want I can move into his house with his wife’s kids since he and his wife were moving into a smaller home. I was told all we had to pay was the light bill. sounds great until I move in. eventually I was the only one paying any bills, the sink and tub didn’t work properly and I found out 8 months after moving in that the house was actually in foreclosure and I AGAIN had to find somewhere to go. I ended up having to move back with my mom into a one bedroom apartment where the light bill had already been in my name BUT WASN’T BEING PAID. so I had to get that caught up and start paying the other bills in the home. along with that stress I’m constantly reminded that I’m big and need to lose weight. Luckily for my sanity I do have a friend that makes sure I feel ok about things and listens without judgment. Skip forward to now things are a little better but all of the responsibility is still on me. I watch my parents take care of everyone else and it feels like I get leftovers. Never really got those parental moments that I always wanted. I have learned a lot from being around others and listen to the lessons they’ve gotten from their parents and family. I many times find myself wishing I had the parents they have. I remember listening to a woman speak who’s story was similar to mine . Why with the biggest difference being her mom worked hard even through what was going on in their lives to get her life together for her and her daughter instead of it being the other way around. as I listened to her tell her story all I could think is “why couldn’t my mom do that”?

I’ve spent so much time wondering why my life couldn’t be better. Why does it seem like everything is my responsibility. To this day I’m really not sure I trust my parents to be the parents I need. Then one day I had an epiphany……



To be honest I have spent too much time worrying about what things should have been or should be rather than what they are. As people we do this a lot. why did this happen instead of that, why is their life so much easier than mine. Forgetting that the bible tells us “All things work together for good to them that Love the Lord and are called according to his purpose Romans 8:28″. I understand this to mean that everything I’ve experienced, good or bad, has a purpose in my life. whether it be to improve my life or to improve someone else’s. Or lives are not just meant for our own selfish pleasures, there are others around the world suffering, going through some of the things we’ve experienced and I believe that when we go through difficult times god is preparing us to minister to someone else  so they know that they are not alone in this journey we call LIFE.


So When I say “BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT” I’m not just talking about getting over the things that have happened in your life. I pray that whoever you are and whatever you’ve been through, you find the strength to take every hurt, every disappointment, every bad thing that has happened to you and build a bridge to where God wants you to be. A place of forgiveness, a place without bitterness, a place where ever thing you’ve experienced is being used to uplift and help someone else. For some that’s music, others it’s public speaking, or starting a nonprofit organization. Whatever it is Know that God has a plan and a purpose for you.


What hurt are you holding on to and how can you use that hurt to help others?


Peace Love and Blessings





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