Spiritual Manipulators

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It has really been on me to write this post for a while. I’ve been holding off writing this one in particular because before now I’ve had the strong urge to call people out and be messy. Lucky for me I had Jesus whispering in my ear keeping my messy side at bay. This post in particular is about manipulators. To be exact it’s about spiritual manipulators.  A lot of times when people talk about spiritual manipulation it’s referring to church leader and the tactics some use to get more members or to get more money into the church. They convince people to give their very last and many use this one phrase that I have come to loathe: “Give like you want God to bless you”. There are also those “Christians” who use spiritual manipulation in their everyday lives. You know those people who use God and the scriptures to get their way. They use phrases like ” God’s gonna bless you 10 fold for helping me” or ” it’s a blessing to be a blessing” both which many times are true. Unfortunately their only thought in mind is how anything will benefit them. Many times there is no thought given to how their words or actions affect others. These type of people are good at making it seem like they have all these problems and none of them are their fault. They also try to make you feel bad when you can’t or wont do something. I’ve even seen some break out the water works to try and tug at your heart strings. I’ve spent my entire life having to deal with someone like this and it’s not until recently that I found the solution to dealing with this type of person. You in the end really do have to call them out. Let them know that you’re not gonna deal with their behavior and if they don’t change or make an effort to change then you will be forced to not deal with them anymore. But what do you do when the manipulator is a parent? One of the hardest questions I’ve had to ask myself. The answer is THE EXACT SAME THING. While parents are some of the most important people in your life, how they treat you matters. While I don’t believe in totally cutting off your parents in this instance, I do believe you can love someone from a far. The key to avoiding spiritual manipulation when it boils down to it is to study your bible and stay in constant prayer. Knowledge of Gods word is key when knowing if someone is genuine or if they are trying to be manipulative.


Do you find yourself dealing with a spiritual manipulator?

How do you deal with the spiritual manipulators in your life?

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