Experience Dawn Seekers June 2014

This weekend Triumph Church held their quarterly Dawn Seekers worship event at The Joe Louis Arena.

Picture Courtesy of Triumphch.org
Picture Courtesy of Triumphch.org

This was my first experience and it was GREAT. The atmosphere when you walk in was different from anything I had ever felt. The event began with Prayer and then Praise and worship. First up of the two musical guest was Cece Winans (my auntie in my head). That woman has not aged since that time she was on Living Single. While introducing her they read off some of her accomplishments which includes 10 grammy awards and the fact that she is the best selling female Gospel artist of all time (Wont he do it). She came up to the podium and began singing a few songs my favorite of which has always been Mercy Said No. After her was Hezekiah Walker who did another round of great praise and worship. From there there was another small prayer then Pastor Kinloch got up to speak. He spoke from John 5:31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true. He gave a great word and then had a call to discipleship. After that there was prayer and we were released. The service began at 6am and ended at 8am. What I was so amazed by is how easy it was to not only get through traffic but PARK. They had 4 parking garages with free parking for Dawn Seekers. I didn’t get downtown until about 5:30 so I was nervous about parking. Even with thousands of people already there I was able to find a close spot in one of the free parking garages (Insert robot praise dance). When we walked into The Joe we were able to find seating on the main floor. I was so Shocked at how easy everything was. I attribute it to God really wanting me there.

Afterwards there was a healthcare enrollment fair for those who still needed to sign up for health insurance.




Overall I have to say this was a great experience and I have every intention of attending more Dawn Seekers.


Were you there?

Leave a comment below if you were there or if you’ve ever attended in the past and your experience.



Peace Love and Blessings to all


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