Happy Memorial day – Nautical Inspired

Happy Memorial day - Nautical Inspired
As promised here is another Outfit idea for memorial day This look can be easily created for about $60. When buying maxi skirts I say never pay more than $15. Why? Because if you are a DIY lover like me you know that a maxi skirt can be made with about $2-$5 worth of fabric. Stores you would never think of like Dollar General and Family dollar typically have maxi skirts for $10-$12. Everyone has some type of white t shirt in their closet. If not you can get a cute one here. you can find a cute little t-shirt in any price range. The Jewelry shown is very cheap but very cute. Stores like Charming Charlies, Wet seal, or Simply Fashions are my go-to stores to find cute trendy jewelry for around $5 or less.  The big ticket items shown are the bag and the shoes. Then again if you are a bargain shopper like me you can find these items for a very low price. The wedges retail for $33 but they are from forever21 and we all know they usually have some type of sale so I doubt they will be $33. Even though the tote in the post retails for $57 you can find an almost identical one from stores like Citi Trends or Burlington for about $15-$20. I say all this to say, again, it does not take a lot of money to look good.
Have a safe holiday weekend!!!!
LaJune Yevette


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