Get the look for less Jeffrey Campbell Black Suede Indie Hi Buckled Sneaker

buckle sneaker
Love Culture Cut out Buckle Sneakers $17.49

YO YO YO!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol silly I know but that’s how my new shoes make me feel. It’s funny how you find the most epic pieces when you aren’t even looking. I was walking the mall with a friend and she wanted to stop in Love Culture. If you’ve never been to Love Culture thing Dots meets Forever 21. Everything was sooooooooo cute but it’s all juniors so I couldn’t fit any of the clothes (gotta get back down to my size 10/12 so I can shop at my little girl stores again lol). While she was in the fitting room trying on the cutest romper (which was on sale for $10), I glanced over and saw these babies. My heart skipped a beat and before I knew it I was trying them on.  PERFECT FIT!!!! I held them like a new born baby as I made my way to the register and paid my $18 and some change. All the way home all I could think about is how I’m going to wear them. Then I had a thought. These  look like something Jeffrey Campbell would do. So I did some research and look what I found Jeffrey CampbellThese are the

Black Suede Indie Hi Buckled Sneaker by Jeffrey Campbell.

While there are some major differences there is no mistaking the resemblance. The buckles are the same shape and size. The only  major differences are the color of the buckles and the fact that the Jeffrey Campbell is a high top and the Love culture version is a low top. As you can assume there is also a major price difference. The Jeffrey Campbell sneaker is gonna run you some where around $185 while the Love Culture alternative is about 90% cheaper at about $18.50!!!!!!


So what say ye?

Splurge or Steal??????


Have a Blessed Day!!!!


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