The Rules of Business: Retail Edition

I’ve been in the work force for a little over 13 years now and the one thing that always puzzles me is how people work. What makes some people work harder then others? Why do some people want a job but don’t wanna work. I’ve decided to list a few things I’ve noticed in the workplace!!!!

1. Every step of the application process is an interview:

When you go into a business and ask for an application people will check you out. How you present yourself can be the difference between the hiring manager seeing your application and it going in the trash. One job I had I was a sell associate at an off-price clothing store. A young man came in and waited for us to finish with our customers. When we were done he politely introduced himself, Gave a small synopsis of his educational background, and then asked for an application. He had his resume in a folder (with no detectable spelling or grammar errors), had his own pen to fill out the application, and he came in with slacks, a button down shirt, and a tie on. He was interviewed and hired that day. Why do I remember this so well. Cause he impressed me. It is rare you see someone totally prepared but this is a great example of looking for a job the RIGHT way.

2. You will never be the perfect Employee

I’m sorry but it’s true. You will mess up sometimes. You will never know everything. That’s why on almost every job there are operations manuals, and handbooks, and co-workers. I’ve many times fallen in this trap. Internalizing when I get something wrong and having a hard time letting it go. The thing is, the only thing you can do after making an honest mistake is to learn from it.

3. Your boss is not the only person who knows what to do

Many times you will have co-workers that are better or know more about a certain area of the company. Don’t be afraid to listen to people with the same position as you. For instance: when I first started working in retail I was trained by other sales associates. I didn’t start getting a lot of one on one training from management until I became a manager myself. The trick is to take something from all they are trying to teach you and make it your own. I’ve had to train someone who was my superior before and what I learned is what will lead to my next point…

4. Not everyone has the same work ethic as you

You will work with people who just seem to not want to work. It’s like they think just showing up is enough to warrant a paycheck. Never let that affect your work. You do your job to the best of your abilities and don’t slack off. Make sure to not do too much picking up the slack of others to where your initial task are half  done or not done at all. Offer to share your knowledge and expertise with less performing workers. Sometimes it’s what others don’t know that hurts them on the job.

5. Your co-workers are not your friends

At least at work they’re not. I’ve always lived by the motto “work hard now, play harder later”. Your boss is not gonna always pat you on the back and say good job, or want to hear about your wild, “Turn’d UP” weekend. Think about it, your boss is responsible for everything you are responsible for plus a gang of other stuff. They may not always have time to be your friend.

6. Never be too Humble

It’s OK to sometimes say “Look what I did”. Not all the time, but never be the person who lets someone take credit for your work. If it was a group effort then acknowledge that, But if you went above and beyond the call of duty, and it’s an appropriate moment, Step up, Be vocal about what you do that makes you a great worker. If you can keep a record of times you went above and beyond the call of duty (this almost always comes up in interviews)


Here are some things that need no explanation

  • Be 15 minutes early for interviews and for work
  • don’t use profanity at work EVER
  • Never talk sex at work
  •  Always dress professional
  • Never tell your coworkers too much about your personal life
  • Ask a question about something you don’t know every time you work

I’m not saying i’m some expert but I do know a little something 🙂

Peace, Love, and Blessings!!!

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