Prom Dresses that won’t Break the Bank

Prom Dresses that won't Break the Bank

10 Years ago I went to prom (May 23rd to be exact). It was the greatest night of my high school experience other than of course graduation. I wore a white gown that was heart shaped in the front. My back was out and I had a split that would have put Angelina Jolie to shame. My shoes and jewelry were all silver. It was a great night. I remember girls buying GiGi hunter dresses and bragging about how much better their dress was than everyone else’s. The most important part of prom for any girl is the dress. You won’t know it until you’ve seen it. Some go for the simple and minimalistic, others pull out all the stops. Either way, have fun when searching for the perfect dress and try on EVERY DRESS IN YOUR BUDGET!!!! I don;t care how it looks on the hanger try it on. Trust me, as someone who has spent time workimg in a dress shop I have seen a dress look a mess on the hanger but like a work of art on the right person.

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