The perfect bra!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes this is a christian blog and I’m talking about Bra’s. Ladies, a bra is a necessary, even though at time uncomfortable, part of a woman’s wardrobe. While working for a popular plus size retailer, The problem I see that many women have is not knowing how a bra should fit. 

  • The band should not be tight
  • you should not be able to fit your entire hand in your bra while it’s on
  • the entire breast should fit in the cup without any spillage

Another thing I find is that many people, even some of the people I work with, dont know how to properly measure for a bra. THis is how I measure:

  • Have customer raise hands and measure the area just below the breast. THis is their number/band measurement
  • Now measure the fullest part of the breast 
  • Difference (inches) 0 <1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
    Cupsize U.S. AA A B C D DD DDD/E/F DDDD/F/G G/H/J I/J/K J K L M N
    Cupsize UK/Austr. AA A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH J JJ K KK


  • The difference in these two numbers will give you their cup size

Finding a good bra can be really difficult if you have larger breast. If you’re between a 38D and 46DDD Ashley Stewart has the butterfly bra. THis bra utilizes a 2 band system which helps with support a well as holding in some of that dreaded back fat. If you find that you’re bigger than that check out stores like Lane Bryant or Catherines. The perfect bra will do what you want it to do. For larger breast, the perfect bra should add shape but not size.

For some of the smaller or less voluptuous women, Finding a bra with some extra padding can add shape and size (If thats what you want). The perfect bra for any woman can turn an outfit from Sloppy to Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!


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