Happy 2012

A new year is here which means new experience, meeting new people, setting new goals, and learning new things. One of the best resolutions to make is to read the bible. I suggest finding a way to read the bible in its entirety in 1 year. I know that sounds like a daunting task but it’s worth trying.

While I try not to make new years resolutions, one thing I plan on doing from now on is being more serious about the things I am good at .When I look back and see the opportunities i’ve missed I can only blame myself. So this is gonna be a time for re-learning and re-connecting business relationships.

2011 was a very good year and 2012 will be even better. This is the motto I chose to live by each year. no matter what goes on this is how I chose to feel.

One of the things i’m looking forward to is seeing what vintage fashion trend will come back this year. I think we are gonna see a surplus of people wearing the “Pussy Bow Top”

This top has been getting very popular especially in the plus size retailers lately.

Not much to say about 2012 as of yet so have a fun, blessed, and productive year 🙂

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