So, It’s the end of the year, Winter is here, and that means cute layers, scarfs, and boots. This is also the time when many people get sick. One way to avoid getting sick is wearing the right coat.

BKE coat

BKE coat (see more wool blend coats)

If you live in the midwest in states like Michigan or Ohio, or out east in states like New York or Vermont, You should invest in a thicker coat like the one shown above. These areas tend to get extremely cold in the winter so if you live in these areas you should look for a coat with lining or a Down Coat. Another option is Faux Fur. I say Faux Fur because you never know what reaction you may have to real fur.

For the south and out west where t doesn’t get as cold or get snow you have a lot more choices

Picture via Ashley Stewart

The picture above is of a Bubble coat/Dress. Depending on your height and size this can either be worn as a dress or a coat. Especially with a nice thick pair of tight and black pumps.

Another way to help yourself not get sick is a goot hat and scarf.

Blessed and highly Fashionable

Blessed and highly Fashionable (clipped to

If you’re anything like me your winter scarf and hat have to match and are fairly easy to make.

(Email me if you want me to make you a set)

I find that hats and scarfs made of 4ply worsted weight yarn tend to be the warmest

Speaking of which, Knit finger gloves are the best way to keep your hands warm and functional at the same time

There are tons of other winter fashion staples and I will be bringing you another post come tomorrow. If you have any winter fashion tips Email Me

Have a Blessed and Fashionable Day

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