I wish/ Jessica Reedy~ From The Heart~ Review

One thing I hate is when I know information and cant let you guys in :-(. But i’m broke and cant afford to be sued. lol Don’t you hate that. When you have exciting news, things you know people are dying to know and you cant say a thing! UGGGGHHHHH. I wish it was 2012 already so I could spill the beans :-). Maybe it’s for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to talk about Jessica Reedy and her new release “From The Heart”. The street date for the album is September 27th but if you pre-ordered the album on iTunes you got it a day early :-). If you read my blog on a regular basis then you already know that I have been excited to hear this album.

I was definitely NOT disappointed. The album starts with the uptempo track “Put it on the alter” which is really self explanatory. anything you need or are worried about just give it to God and he’ll work it out. The next track is “Always” Which is a beautiful song which states “it won’t be like this always”.

The next song is I am still here featuring The Soul Seekers Which gives you a 90’s quartet feel (of course, lol)

Im gonna be rude and skip to my favorite track “Blue God”. In this story she talks about how a lot of times we as christians only pay attention to God when we feel like it instead of making him the head of our lives. Musically this CD Gives me a 90’s R&B feel. Especially with the tracks “Doctor Love” and “when I close my eyes”. One thing I would have like to see her do on this project is embrace the Jazzyness in her voice. Maybe cause i’m a big fan of jazz music, but I would have like to see at least one track with more of a jazz styling to it.

Reedy Delivers some very solid vocals and reminds us that even though we know her for those full voice bottom notes, she is a soprano at heart.

Overall This was a solid work from the Jessica Reedy Camp. While I like the album I can also see her topping herself. This is one of the few albums where I have every track on repeat.

Click the picture to get your copy of “From the Heart”

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