Luuux Brush set. A quick Review!!!!!!

So, I am a member of this site calles How it works is you basically earn points (luuux bucks) Everytime you make a blog post on their site. You can also earn points doing other things on their site.
After you have racked up so many points you can use those points to get stuff from their “luuux shop”. I decided since I don’t have as much time to be on there like I used to I would just use the points I have to get these brushes made exclusively for

The Review

The brush set comes with 12 Brushes and a black leather brush roll

Brushes in this kit:

L150: Large Powder Brush: Dense with rounded top. Ideal to apply loose or pressed powder products to face and body. Natural Bristles.

L190: Foundation Brush. Perfect for the application of liquid or cream foundation. The unique shape compliments and moves with the contours of the face. Natural Bristles.

L195: This Concealer Brush is perfect for application and blending all concealer products. Perfect to apply the soft skin underneath the eyes. Natural bristles.

L116: Blush Brush for application, sculpting, shaping and blending powder and blusher on the face.

L187: This brush is ideal for light application of powders and blushers.
Can also be used for brushing away any makeup droppings on the face

L208: This brush is for Eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner and precision application of powder in the eye area.

L217: This brush is an eye and blending brush. The soft bristles make this brush ideal for application and blending of powder products.

L219: The pencil brush is ideal for precision application on the eye with powder/cream shadow and / or defining the eye crease.

L224: The perfect brush for gentle eye shading and blending the crease line with powder/cream shadow.

L239: This brush is for shading, application and blending powder products or sheer application of emollient products.

L242: Eye Shadow Brush: Application and blending of powder, and cream based products

L316: Lip brush for precision application on the lips.

All of the brushes feel really good. Most are comparable to the sigma 12 piece brush set. If you don’t have any brushes this would be a great starter kit. If you already have brushes but want some more I would say hold on and wait until you have enough points or money to get the Sigma brush Set.

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