China Glaze Crackle Glaze

So, Back in the beginning of february I decided to pre-order the china glaze crackles from How happy am I that I did. The day they came out (either feb 14th or 15th) they were sold out. and they were only $3.20 each plus shipping. Everywhere else for what I saw wants atleast $4.99 each so I think I caught a good deal. These crackles are great. The first one I used was black mesh. The color breakdown of my dails is: Sally Hansend Purple potion, Milani Hi-res, and China Glaze Black Mesh. I am getting a fill-in soon so I will continue to update pics to this post when I use different colors!!!!!

More Pics:

Sally Hansens Deep Purple, Milani holo;hi-tech and digital, China Glaze fault line.

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