Celebration of gospel 2011 My quick Review!

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This years celebration of gospel was interesting. I almost don’t want to do this post because I really wasn’t moved or impressed with most of the performances.

The show began with kirk franklin Jumping around the stage while The singers sang (I wish they would get some credit). Next was Jessica Reedy, Y’anna Crawley, Leandria Johnson, Chante’ Moore, and Kelly Price singing “Because of who you are”. I Absolutely hate to say this but I hated this performance. It seemed like a group of women trying to prove they could out sing the other. I really wish they would have taken a cue from the 2007 performance of “Endow Me’ and brought it down some. There was sooooo much going on. Between wondering why Chante’ Moore was in that line up (I love her voice and music but her voice to me is too soft to fit in that line up), to wanting to slap whoever dressed Y’anna Crawley (that outfit was just rude). I believe that all these women were great on their own but collectively it was confusing and seemed like it was taking too long to end. ┬áLater on in the evening Chaka Khan Tore it up with a piece of “Through the Fire”. Now personally I wish gospel artist talked about love more but I understand why people were thrown off by this selection but I was just happy to hear some good singing. Other people who performed were

  • Isreal Houghton
  • El Debarge
  • Smokey Norful
  • James Fortune
  • Byron cage
  • And many others
  • Mary Mary
  • Rance Allen Group (smashed!!!!!!!!!)

The highlight of the night came close to the end of the show when Whitney Houston Sung a duet with Kim Burrell and threw down.

Now don’t get me wrong, The performances weren’t completely horrible but there were a lot of iffy moments as far as singing and dress.

Speaking of dress

Taken from gospelconnoisseur.com no copyright infringement intended

What was with the styling this year?????? There was leather and sequin and a lot of just please don’t wear that any more. Of course Mary Mary looked good (Goo don’t play that foolishness), Jessica Reedy looked amazing in that blue dress, Chante’ Moore always looks beautiful, but honestly the rest of it was some foolishness (what in the world does y’anna crawley have on). There was some leather, what looked like some children’s clothes, and A lot of people who clothes were too small. I have to say before I forget that I am so glad that Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston didn’t come out looking a mess. Thank You!

I really wanted this to be a good one.  This year was very underwhelming.

Thats all I really Have to say!

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