Crochet Bow (bow tie) Pattern

Hand Made Crochet Bow Tie

So, I’m Going to get some grey and black yarn so I can make a Bow (bow tie) to go with my outfit for Watch night service. I decided to attempt to make one just to be sure I like it before I go buy any more yarn. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the pattern for this bow:


  • yarn: I used 2 different types of yarn one is a thick worstered weight and the other is a thinner 2 ply.
  • Size k Crochet hook

Now for the pattern

  • Row 1-chain 38
  • Row 2 thru 8-HDC (Half Double Crochet) in second chain from loop and in continuing chains until you get to the end, Chain 3 and turn.
  • On row 8 dont chain 3. Instead  fold the short (it should be longer then it is wider) way and crochet both ends together.

The hard part is done :-).

  • For that part in the middle I just made a long chain of about 25-30 using 2 different color yarns.
  • then wrapped it around the center and tied it in the back.
  • Then just shape it so you get the bow of your liking

All Done ♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★♥★



Hey, If you try this send me some pics of your finished product!

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