LUUUX.COM—>>> Blogging is a new currency

AS a budget shopper, I spend hours trying to find a good deal on things that are very expensive. I love thrift shops, I frequent the clearance racks, and coupons are my best friend. But there are things that are harder to find on sale like an iPad or the oh so popular Sigma Brushes. Well, this site allows you to blog for point or what they call “luuux $” and what you do is save those points up to buy luxury items from their “luuux shop”. They have all kinds of electronics like 2 different iPads, 2 different Macbook Pro’s , Digital cameras and just too much to name. If you’re not big on electronics they also have shoes and accessories, bags, clothes, and much more. There is even a LV bag. Now I dont know about anyone else but This is such a great deal. Check out some of my post and sign up. Hey it’s free so why not!!!!!!!!

So, I’m gonna leave you with this, Everybody says God knows My heart right? But how many of us know his?????

*Food for Thought*
♥♥♥♥Have a Blessed Day♥♥♥♥

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