5th Annual Black party

SO, A lot of detroiters will be heading out to “The black party” this weekend. I hope that everyone is safe and has a great time. What I do notice about these types of parties is that a large amount of people go looking a lukewarm mess. Just like they dont care what they look like. These are a few things I see that work my nerves:

Tutu’s: I mean can we please stop. I can deal with them for a photo shoot or something but not for a “upscale event”.

Ballerina flats: Ladies, unless you have a medical reason not to, please wear heels

Bad Weaves: If you are gonna spend all that time looking for the perfect outfit, please take the time to get your hair done.

Fake Designer clothes: I know a lot of people cant tell, but either way it’s still tacky to wear fakes.

Open Toes with no pedicure: Do I need to even explain why this is wrong


All in all the point is to have fun but I cant help but pay attention to all the fashion Disasters



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