Fall is here….. Fashion!!!!!!!!

Fall has officially arrived. This is the season everyone has gotten settled back in school. You start Stocking up on Coco and Tea, And Fashion has a drastic change. More shades of orange and brown emerge. Instead of using bright pink or green nail polish you start pulling out those dark plum colors and muted shades. My favorite part of fall is being able to pull out those fabulous boots. I have booties, some that are calf length, knee high, thigh high, flats heels, I basically have just about every type of boot. I know a lot of matching is a fashion don’t, but I love when my fall jacket and my boots match. It’s just such a clean look. Here are a list of things I think you might like for fall

*Cow Neck Sweaters* These are one of those pieces I love because they are just so easy to wear. you don’t need a lot of accessories when you wear one of these. If you find one like the one shown you can pair it with a pair of tights and some cute boots and be on your way. Another way to wear this is of course with a suit. That way you are fashionable and professional looking at the same time. Another reason I like these is because I would always forget my scarves whenever I went somewhere so I would just rigg my collar to fit like a scarf.

*Jeggings* I love these for the simple fact that they fit absolutely perfectly. This is for us girls who have so much hips and booty that most pants don’t fit right. I would say that if you tend to be cold like myself, wear a pair of leggings underneath or even some long-johns(thermal pants). They come in a lot of different washes and can be found for as low as $10 at burlington coat factory or shoppers world.

*Boots* Oh how I love fall boots. All the different styles and shapes. The only thing is if you are short you have to be careful what length of boot you wear because some of them can make you look even shorter.Of course everyone has the basic brown and black colored boots, But I think every person should have a pair of grey, something with a print, and pewter colored boots.


A jacket can sometimes complete a look. The jackets shown are some of my favorites for fall. They are simple and stylish. Unlike many of the ones that were on the market last year, more of these are coming with hoods which can look so cool with the right hairstyle!!!!

What are some of your favorite fall fashions and how are you transitioning your closet from summer to fall?

*all photos uploaded from Google.com. I don’t own any of the pictures shown. No copyright infringement intended*

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