Belts have been around for a very long time. as time progresses, belts are becoming more and more of a staple in s woman’s wardrobe. the most popular belts out now are the chunky/wide belts. While these belts can look great on almost anyone there are a couple of things i’ve seen that make me say: dont do that no more!

  • Wearing the belt too high:

If you wear  a belt to high, which people like to do to make their boobs appear larger, it makes your stomach look bad.

  • Wearing a belt with a random outfit:

There are some outfits that wearing a belt just looks silly. Like shorts and a fitted tank top.

  • Wearing a belt that is too small or too big:

Yes belts have sizes too and if you have one that is too small, no matter how stretchy it is, it will be tight and uncomfortable. if it is too big it wont sit right and will probably fall off.

So here are some things to remember about Chunky/Wide belts:

  • the best place to wear them is your natural waist. this will add definition to that area for those who don’t have a highly defined waist or an hour glass figure.
  • Make sure the belt does something for the attire and doesn’t completely clash.
  • Make sure to always get the right size (typically your shirt size and belt size are the same)

So, these are all just my opinion based on the thing I see. Have a great day and remember to SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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