You can’t straighten Synthetic Hair

So the popular belief is that you cant put heat on synthetic hair. this is one of the biggest misconceptions that have finally been dispelled. Below are two methods for straightening synthetic hair.

Wigs: If you have a wig stand that  is not sensitive, take a pot of hot water and get it extremely hot, make sure the wig is completely combed out. take the boing hot water (you may need to repeat this step about 3 more times) and pour it over the entire wig. after the hair looks to be completely straight, let it sit in the upright position on the stand and dry.


make sure hair is tangle free,

Get a spay bottle and fill it with a mixture of water and some type of hair oil

put flat irons on lowest setting

slowly begin to flat iron hair until completely straight .

so, if you are someone who ,like me, changes their hair from curly to straight every day, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on human hair.

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