Nails, Billions of dollars are spent each year on keeping up this one area of the body. you can get something as simple as a basic manicure to getting acrylic with fake tips to make your nails appear longer. Now you can even get colored acrylic instead of polish. Getting my nails done is a luxury that I enjoy. I somehow feel prettier after my nails are done. What I hated about getting them done is that when I took the nails off, eventually I nails would be weak and break. I really got tired of getting tips so I switched to a more expensive, but healthier way to get my nails done. Instead of getting acrylic I began getting Gel Nails formerly known as Glass Nails. The gel dries quicker but is softer than acrylic and allows your nails to breath which makes them healthier for your nails. The picture you see above is me with an Gel Overlay. what that means is that I don’t have on any false tips, they just put the gel straight on to my nails. the nails will be 4 weeks old come this wednesday and I will be getting them re-done. The pro & con for these nails for me is that they grow quickly. I say that because I like my nails to be a healthy length but not real long just because i do play a few instruments and ┬áhaving long nails can be a hinderance. All in all I say this way may be a lil more expensive but it is well worth it if you want healthy nails (especially if you have eczema) get gel nails instead of acrylic.

More tips to keep nails healthy:

  • Buy Cuticle oil and use daily
  • keep them clean
  • get/give yourself a manicure every 10-14 days

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