ELF Medium palette!!!!!!

ok, so here is the medium palette from ELF cosmetics., the palette comes in 3 different sizes (mini,essential,master). the one in the picture which when it first was introduced was called the medium is now called the essential palette. it comes with

  • 64 eyeshadow shades
  • 8 lip glosses
  • 4 blushes
  • 4 bronzers
  • 1lip brush
  • 1eye brush
  • 1 face brush

The way it is made, you open it from the front and see all the eyeshadows, then you slide the trays to each side to reveal the rest of the palette. this palette retails for $30 on the eyeslipsface.com website.

My Thoughts

This palette is good for someone learning how to do makeup

The lip glosses taste good but are not that pigmented

The bronzers are good depending on what look you are going for

The blushes are great, not too pigmented

The eyeshadows are moderately pigmented, some more than others

for the ones that rent you can just take either some water, primer, or anything like that and it will become more pigmented.

Very durable- I have been taking this on gigs to use on my clients and this outlasted my manly 120 palette

I wouldn’t say you can abuse it but you dont have to be all OCD worrying if the product is going to crack

I would give this 4 out of 5 stars just because I wanted to really see a red Eye Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The look in the picture is using the eyeshadows from the medium /essential kit.

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