My journey into the world of makeup!!!!

So as I stated in previous post I am a freelance MUA (make up artist). I love crazy fun makeup looks. In my opinion the brighter the better. I have not been doing this for long which causes some people who have been in this industry a while say that I should get more experience before I start calling myself an MUA. What I have learned in the past  few months hopefully will take me a long way. some of the things I’ve learned from other MUA’s

  • You can find great makeup at all price ranges.
  • Just because someone has been in the field longer than you have, it doesn’t make their work any better than yours
  • Quality brushes are everything
  • Practice Makes perfect
  • Like anything else, this is a competitive field, make sure it’s what you really want
  • You are a Brand, Always display excellence!!!!
  • Treat every client like they paid a million bucks for your services, you never know what opportunities can come from it!!!!!!!

Makeup artistry is absolutely fun but it is work just like anything else.

My tips for getting started!!!

  • Dont try to buy everything at once
  • Shop for deals
  • Make sure you have business cards (for the NYX pro discount this is all you really need)
  • Find a MUA you really like and try to study their work and techniques
  • Suscribe to The Powder Group
  • Try to invest in a trip to Imats if you can
  • Be confident
  • This is so cliche but  “Just Do IT”
  • Dont be afraid to make mistakes ( the more mistakes you make, the more you have to learn from)
  • Make friends with local photographers and models

Thats all I have for today! Im still learning things everyday and I always will be!!!!!!!!

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