Kiss New York Event

Ok. So I went to northland mall in Southfield michigan for the kiss makeover event. I didn’t want a makeover but I wanted to meet the people from the company. So the company sent Their celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myrick and She had with her an assistant (Kharisma). SO what they were doing is giving people free makeovers. If you wanted lashes you had to buy them and they would put them on for you. They used kiss face products and Ruby kisses eye products. They also asked people to fill out a quick survey and gave out a small goodie bag. In the bag was  “kiss new york maxi shine lipstick”, “kiss new york glossy lip pencil”, and “kiss intense color shock lipgloss”. One thing I found out is why they havent put any of their ruby kisses products on the website “THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH TONS OF NEW EXCITING PRODUCTS IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT. I only went to meet the people and get some lashes. So i’m at the beauty supply store they were @ in the mall and Danessa just makes me the happiest MUA with these Words “OMG, your makeup looks so flawless”. So I have been doing makeup for less than a year so the fact that a celebrity artist compliment my makeup is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got her business card so I could keep in touch. I feel sorry for whoever missed it because it was nice. Thats all I wanted to say really. Have a Blessed Day!!!!!!!!!!!

My look for the event!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her website, Add her on FB, Twitter and Youtube

Shout out to Danessa, Kharisma, and all the people @ the beauty supply who went out of their way to make the event a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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