Grammy’s 2010

So this years grammy’s have come and gone. There were some good moments and some bad ones, But lets get to the fashions.

One of my picks for best dressed is Mary Mary. Specifically Erica Campbell who makes pregnancy look great. These gospel superstars are a constant reminder that Christians do have a sense of fashion( at least some do).

Sidenote: I have to congratulate my First lady and her daughter for both winning Grammy awards on Sunday night. This makes Karen Clark Sheards 4th win and Kierra Sheards 1st win for her part on the hit song “God in Me” with Mary Mary.

I was totally Shocked when I saw the General on the red carpet. This picture made me Laugh so hard but you have to admit He was not playing when he said “pants on the ground” He came equipped with belts and all. He is on my best dressed list Just cause he is my favorite person at the moment.

Ok. I have never really been a fan of Ms. Nash but I like her style. She almost had me with this dress until you get to the bottom. Her signature flower in the hair is classic, the top of the dress which appears to be sequins looks fab but that pewter colored thing at the bottom makes me think of a mermaid. So i cant exactly call this a worst or best dressed but just a slight miss.

Ok, So i cant name one member of this group or one son they have ever made but Lady Antibellium you must admit looks great. They look like they already know they are going to be making a speech. She is working every inch of this entire look and ets my Best dressed award for the night.

So my goal was to highlight some peoplewho usually arent talked about when it comes to red carpet fashion. even though alot of the fashion was either totally horriblr or just ok, it was still better than the

Lady Gaga convinced Elton John it was Haloween, beyonce unnecessarily had about 200-300 men just standing there, and Taylor Swift convinced the world She was completely tone deaf. Besides the MJ tribute I have to say that pink is my pick for best performance of the night singing “glitter in the sky”.

hopefully next year will be better

that is all.

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