This picture was taken around christmas time. Which was the last time I have had a sew in weave. I Loved my weave and i still do. now i just dont feel as attached to it as i used to. I think i had an addiction to weave. Any style that could be worn by a person, I wore with weave. Even this style right here is a full head of weave. The weave made me feel, beautiful, I was known for always having different hair. But like india aire said ” i am not my hair”. I am not saying that weave is bad, I may even still wear a weave sometimes, but it does not define who I am or how I feel about myself. This is not me going natural ( chemically) like alot of other people have done because I have not had any harsh chemicals in my hair for over 10 years i think. I have been using aphogee with the shampoo, 2 minute reconstructor, and leave in conditioner, which is softening up my hair. I will be getting a sew in formy birthday ( february 25th) but after that I am going back to wearing my own hair for a while. I wonder what other people are taking an hiatus to weave. Share your stories and what you have decided to do with your hair instead of weaving it.
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