MosaicYouth Theatre

MosaicYouth Theatre of Detroit

The best Youth Theatre in the world. I can personally say being in mosaic makes you work harder at everything you do. Singers aretaught to sin their best, actors are taught to act their best, and when you’re done giving your best you’re pushed to be even greater. Schools around the country especially in the detroit area are cutting back and loosing their arts programs. Not only does mosaic cater to singers and actors, but the behind the scenes people as well. much of the material mosaic performs is written, directed, and arranged by the students themselves. I is proven that students involved in the arts do better in school. Mosaic youth theatre also emphasis the importance ofeducation with strict rules on grades. all in all mosaic is a great place for youth to come and grow all around. please take the timeto vote for this amazzing company in the chase community givin campaign

Also remember to donate to the people in haiti any way you can

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