I Loveeeeeeeeee my cool weirdness

So I was chatting with a coworker of mine on the way home from work and we were talking about how i should do my hair next. she said i have this cool weirdness going on and she could see me with a shaved mohawk (interesting but i’m not that daring right now). so today i’m looking online and i found the coolest hoodie
i think this hoodie is super uberliciously hot. I also like this because this is what cool weirdness is to me. I couldn’t find a website but i know the company is called no future clothing and they are based in brooklyn.
I got some of the cutest applebottom shoes this week. These are called the Kishia Tall and i paid 34.99 for them. I cant wait to wear them.
I think thats all for today. It’s like really hot so having a computer on my lap is the last thingi want to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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