the countdown

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people
♥Why are you so stupid♥
♥Man i love kissing you♥
♥Could you please stop talking already♥
♥it dont take all that♥
♥please dont get mad cause i sing better than you♥
♥I still dont like you♥
♥i think you’re beautiful♥
♥Thats what you think&hearst;
♥yes it’s 10 dollars thats what the sign say’s isn’t it
9 things about you
I am a big carrie underwood fan
jesus loves me
I’m Shy
There are people i would love to be friends with but im too shy to talk to
I am very critical of anyone and anything dealing with fashion and beauty
Ialmost never wear blush
As a child i was terrified of Chuck E. Cheese
I love pb&j
My favorite show is the power puff girls
8 ways to win your heart
Talk to me
Wear a button up with everything
Take me on a shopping spree at walmart lol
Teach me something
Tell me im beautiful
watch power puff girls with me lol
Kiss me on my forehead…I love that
7 things that cross your mind everyday
Can i go back to sleep now
I need my nails done NOW!
Would she shut up already
I hope im doing this right
I cant wait to graduate
Im bored
Girl/Boy Boom
6thingsyou do before you go to sleep:
Brush my teeth for like 10 minutes
Talk to my baby
Read my bible
Listen to music

5people you couldn’t live without
4 things you’re wearing right now
Skinny leg jeans
Nail polish
3 songs that fit your life
God in Me.. Mary Mary
She got her own.. Neyo and others
2 you want to do before you die:
♥ I am scared to fall in love but i still want to!!!!!!

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